Taja Kramberger

From October 2012 she lives in Paris, France


WRITING: Taja Kramberger has been (professionally) writing literature, essays, columns and introductions to the literary and artistic works (especially to the catalogues of figurative arts' exhibitions) since 1995. Since then she has published 11 original literary books of poetry and tales for children, translated 6 books of foreign literature into Slovene. Beside literary publications, she has published 3 monographs (two in co-authorship) in history and historical anthropology, edited and co-translated 4 publications on epistemology of social sciences and humanities, and on history.

EDITING: Between 2001 and 2011 she has **edited 38 numbers of _Monitor ZSA_** (first numbers had a title _Monitor ISH_). This was a journal of social sciences and humanities with a stress on anthropological methods and epistemology (and with cultural & literary parts). She has also co-edited (with a poet and translator Gašper Malej) a literary anthology of the translation workshop _Linguaggi di-versi_ in 2004, and - among numerous other literary texts - also a book-collection of translations of Pierre Bourdieu and Loic Wacquant.

TRANSLATING: She is active as a translator and has published 6 books of literary translation (Michele Obit, Gao Xinjian, Neringa Abrutyte, Roberto Juarroz, Lucy Coats, Claribel Alegria), and has translated numerous other literary texts, mostly poetry, prose and kids' literature which had been published in literary magazines or journals. She has also organized translations' workshops on national (College Koper, 2003) and international level (Linguaggi di-versi in 2002). Between 2008 and 2011 she worked on two big translation projects: on the extensive anthology of political poetry (poetry of exile and resistance) from all over the world (around some 30 chosen poets 17 were women), and on French translations of chosen poetry from Slovenia. Financial aid to both project was refused by the Slovene state Agency of book, so the books were not published till now. She also translates texts of social sciences and humanities (P. Bourdieu, L. Wacquant, M. de Certeau, L. Valensi, N. Wachtel, M. Perrot, etc.).

DIRECTING AND ORGANIZING: Taja Kramberger is a skilled and successful organizer. She directed, beside other smaller national projects, two big-scale projects: in 2002 **Linguaggi di-versi** with 27 participants from 12 countries, and in 2006 **Sealines** (segment in Slovenia), a literary project which connected writers' residences at six European port cities (Cardiff, Helsinki, Valletta, Galway, Riga, Koper). At the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska/Littoral in Koper she established and directed a college of cultural events, named **"Collegium artium"**. In these frames university teachers, assistants and students have executed together more than 100 cultural events between 2007 and 2009. Between 2004 and 2007 she was the president of the **Cultural association TROPOS**, and also that period was full of engagements and vivid realizations. In 2011 (a year after the illicit university purge) she wrote a stage play "If the Singer is Silenced" (named after a song of Horacio Guarany "Si se calla el cantor", 1972, and as an _hommage_ to all poets, musicians and other people who resist the tyrannies). The play is a combination of original text and fragments of many other authors (from Karl Kraus to political poetry, it takes episodes from Slovenian history and songs from Latin-American music repertoire - adapted to Slovene situations). In 2012 she was preparing its stage performance (a kind of a multimedia event: a musico-poetical-danse-theatre-play) together with her ex-students and some poetry colleagues. Unfortunately, the play was finally, after some political intrigues and a few cruel attempts to stop the performance - staged only once (in the form of a public rehearsal): in Murska Sobota in July 2012. For more about the play and its performance see here: [GRITO](http://gritokoper.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/hello-world/)

PEDAGOGICAL & DIDACTICAL WORK: Taja Kramberger has been in the academic world sice her undergraduate years. After graduating history from University of Ljubljana (1997), she was a *junior researcher* at the ISH-Ljubljana's Graduate School of Humanities (1997-2002), where she was elected to the position of teaching assistant. Between 2004 and 2010, when she was employed at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska/Littoral in Koper, she helped setting up the whole program of Historical Anthropology from undergraduate level to doctoral studies (she is the co-author of 12 courses). At the University of Primorska/Littoral she has finished her PhD (2009) and tought the courses of historical anthropology. With her students she has studied among many other things - in the frames of seminar work - European and local dimensions of the Dreyfus Affair (1894—1906) and has prepared with students in 2008 an extensive exhibition about the subject with accompanied audio and video recordings. The exhibition was for the first time shown in Koper (2008), then invited to Trieste (2009), Maribor (2010) and Murska Sobota (2011). She is an elected university teacher and scientific researcher.

OTHER SKILLS: Web skills (in HTML), fluent in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, worked with SPSS, she has a diploma for a swimming teacher (and 5 years of swimming teacher experiences), she has conducted creative writing workshops, she has worked for five years with most gifted pupils in Slovenia on summer camps of archaeology (she has studied also archaeology, independently of history studies, but refrained from it before graduation when poetry and literary engagements stepped in).


  • ''Marcipan'' (''Marzipan''), Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1997 (in Slovene) - poetry book.
  • ''Spregovori morje'' (''The Sea Says''), Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1999 (in Slovene) - poetry book.
  • ''Gegenstroemung/Protitok'' (''Contra-Curret''), Edition Thanhaeuser, Ottensheim, 2001 (in German) - poetry book.
  • "Žametni indigo'' (''Velure Indigo''), LUD Literatura, Ljubljana, 2004 (in Slovene) - poetry book.
  • ''Mobilizacije/Mobilizations/Mobilisations/Mobilitazioni'', Tropos and Zrakogled, Ljubljana & Koper, 2004 (in Slovene, French, Italian and English) - poetry book.
  • ''Vsakdanji pogovori" (''Everyday Conversations''), CSK, Ljubljana, 2006 (in Slovene) - poetry book.
  • ''Opus quinque dierum'' (poetic echos & narrations on the theme of the Deyfus Affair), CSK, Ljubljana, 2009 (in Slovene) - poetry book.
  • 'Xstava XXpublike XXXXXniXX'' (blackout poetry from a Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and some other legal texts), Addenda, Koper (in Slovene) - poetry book, 2010.
  • ''Z roba klifa'' ("From the Edge of a Cliff"), CSK, Ljubljana, 2011 (in Slovene) - poetry book.
  • ''V tvojem objemu je prostor zame'' ("In Your Embrace, There's a Place for me"), CSK, Ljubljana, 2014 (in Slovene) - poetry book.
  • "Mobilizacije/Mobilitazioni", Naklada Lara, Zagreb, 2008, translated by Ksenija Premur (ISBN 978-953-7289-31-7) - poetry book in Croatian translations .
  • "Ezernyi csend : válogatott versek", Pannonia könyvek, Pécs, Pro Pannonia Kiadói Alapítvány, translated by Lukacs Zsolt, 2008 (ISBN 978-963-9893-07-8) - poetry book in Hungarian translation.
  • "Le poeme est une main offerte", Addenda, Koper, 2011 (in French, en francais) - poetry book in French translations.
  • "Refugij Tapu / Rifugio Tapu", Društvo Ivan Trinko, Postaje Topolo/Stazioni Topolo, Čedad-Cividale, 2011 (in Slovene and Italian) - children book.
  • "Palačinke do neba" ("Pancakes Up to the Sky"), Addenda, Koper, 2012 (in Slovene) - children book.
  • Work History

    YOUNG RESEARCHER, ISH-Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, Ljubljana
    January 1997 — January 2002

    Research and occasionally help with courses in historical anthropology

    FREELANCE (PROFESSIONAL) WRITER-POET, Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia
    March 2004 — October 2007

    Write and publish literary works in journals and in books in Slovenia and abroad

    TEACHING ASSISTANT, DOZENT, University of Primorska/Littoral, Koper
    October 2005 — January 2011

    Teaching 7 courses in historical anthropology and history

    SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHER, Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana
    July 2011 — 2014

    Working on a research project "Anthropological aspects of the non-formal acquisition of knowledge" (2011-2014)


    University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, 1997

    PhD IN SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES in History and Historical anthropology
    University of Primorska/Littoral, Koper, 2009



    September 1997: shortlisted for the Book Fair Award for the First Literary Book

    November 1998: shortlisted for the Jenko Award

    Spring 2001: literary Fellowship of the Bibliophilic Edition Thanhaeuser in Ottensheim & KulturKontakt Austria

    March 2005: State Fellowship (Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia) for the topmost artistic achievements in Slovenia

    August 2007: Veronika Award, Celje (for the best poetry book of 2006: "Everyday Conversations")

    July 2012: selected by the international jury and reading public to be a part of the POETRY PARNASSUS organized by the Southbank Centre in London as an accompanying event of the Olympic Games. THE WORLD RECORD is an international anthology of work by all poets appearing at Poetry Parnassus, published by Bloodaxe Books with Southbank Centre.

    August 2012: shortlisted for the Veronika Award


    2007: Monograph entitled Historiographic Divergence: The Enlightenment and Historist Paradigms. On Open and Closed Epistemic Structures and Their Elaborations (Annales, Koper, 2007) was proclaimed a highest scientific achievement of international range by the Slovenian Research Agency. THIS PROCLAMATION VANISHED FROM THE OFFICIAL SLOVENE SITE OF SICRIS-IZUM (!) Here is my personal copy of the official proclamation

    Summary in English // Riassunto in Italiano

    2010: Monograph (together with Drago Braco Rotar) entitled Misliti družbo, ki (se) sama ne misli // Penser la société qui ne (se) pense pas elle-même // To Think Society That Does Not Think (Itself), Založba Sophia, Ljubljana.

    – Review in English: Ana Tominc, Review of the book Misliti družbo, ki (se) sama ne misli To Think Society That Does Not Think (Itself)

    2011: Monograph (together with Drago Braco Rotar) entitled Invisible Evidences: To Think idola tribus was proclaimed a major scientific achievement of international range by the Slovenian Research Agency ALSO THIS PROCLAMATION VANISHED FROM THE OFFICIAL SLOVENE SITE OF SICRIS-IZUM (!) Here is my personal copy of the official proclamation



    1996: elected member of the SWA - Slovene Writers' Association

    • In 2014 I stepped out of the SWA with and an Open Letter explaining why I had to do it. The "Open Letter" was denied any publication in the daily newspapers in Slovenia, and was also suppresed by the then president of the SWA Ivo Svetina. His personal reply to my e-mail contains a grotesque and anachronistic vision of me as a "crazy woman" who obviously has no right to appear in Slovene public space. This defamation of me is a malevolent representation widely diffused in circular oral discourse among my ex-colleagues in Slovenia.

    2000-present: member of the international project of poets and translators "Linguaggi di-versi"

    2006: member of the international jury for the selection of writers in the EU supported project of writer's residences in European port cities - "Sealines"

    2010-2011: member of the jury for the award "Zlata ptica" (of the Liberal Academy)

    2007-2009: initiator, cofounder and president of COLLEGIUM ARTIUM - A body of cultural activities at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska in Koper (around 100 cultural events were performed)

    2011-2012: initiator, co-founder and co-director of the socially engaged and activist cultural group GRITO in Koper (Slovenia), which produced a theatre performans "If the Singer is Silenced" / "Si se calla el cantor". After the only public performans and multiple cultural-political pressures and schemes Taja Kramberger left Slovenia and now (2012-2013) lives in Paris.


    1997- : member of the HAS-Historical Association of Slovenia

    2004-2006: member of SSS-Slovenian Sociological Association

    2004-2007: president of the TROPOS-Association for Historical, Social and Other Anthropologies, and Cultural Activities, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    2001-2011: initiator, co-founder and editor-in-chief of MONITOR ISH, in 2004 renamed to MONITOR ZSA-Journal for Historical, Social and Other Anthropologies, Ljubljana-Koper, Slovenia (edited 38 numbers)