Hola, that's me back in 1971.

It's been forty-one years since then. It seems I grew older and bolder meanwhile. My fingers grew playing chess (only in the early years), music, swimming, taking notes, later on writing poetry, essays, history and historical anthropology.

Glad to be alive, resist daily thunders, fight for the elementary justice and civil rights, and in the last decade intrigues of my dear compatriots.

Nemo propheta in patria sua! The struggle goes on.

will sing and sing / back into the mountains and / if necessary / even under the sea: /

we are the ones we have been waiting for. (June Jordan, Poem for South African Women)

VIDEO - LITERARY PERFORMANCE - 2012: [Taja Kramberger's performance as a nominee at the bestowal of the Veronika Award at the Celje's Old Castle, 28th of August]

3 VIDEOS - LITERARY READING AT THE ROSARIO POETRY FESTIVAL, Rosario, Argentina, Plataforma Lavarden, 27 September 2013: in Slovenian and in Spanish / Catellano

Taja-Kramberger-Luka-Koper-El-Puerto-de-Koper-Rosario-2013 from PIPL on Vimeo.

Taja-Kramberger-Vsak-mrtvi-ima-ime-Cada-muerto-tiene-su-nombre-Rosario-2013 from PIPL on Vimeo.

Taja-Kramberger-Dom-je-tam-kjer-sva-El-hogar-es-donde-estamos-Rosario-2013 from PIPL on Vimeo.