Hi, dear readers, you've landed on the web-page of Taja Kramberger, a poet, writer, translator, essayist and historical anthropologist (PhD from history and historical anthropology) born in Slovenia (by then Yugoslavia). For two decades she was a part of the Slovene university world and academic sphere, though after the sudden illicit and brutal university purge at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska/Littoral in Koper in 2010, she moved - together with her husband Drago Braco Rotar - to Paris. In France she continues to research and write. She organized and led many public manifestations (resistances against various types of oppression) in Slovenia (first was in 2000 for the ISH in Ljubljana) and was engaged in public sphere for the rights of people.

She is the author of 10 collections of poetry, 1 stage play and 2 books for children. She also writes essays, columns, articles and books in social sciences, and translates from French, English, Italian and Spanish. All togehter - in fields of literature and social sciences & humanities - she either edited, translated or wrote around 60 publications and more than two hundred shorter texts.

Here's the cover of the last poetry book published in Slovenian language (V tvojem objemu je prostor zame / In Your Embrace, There's a Place For Me, CSK, Ljubljana, 2014)

Cover page of V tvojem objemu je prostor zame

In her childhood she lived in a small Venetian town Koper-Capodistria at the seaside (10 km from Trieste), later she moved with her family to the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana. She has studied history and archeology at the University of Ljubljana. Later, in 2004, she moved once again to Koper upon the invitation of a brand new university, which was about to be built there, to help building its infrastructure. Together with her husband and intellectual collaborator Drago Braco Rotar they wrote the whole program of historical anthropology for the university (for the Faculty of Humanities there in Koper). After they did that, that is after they helped in many ways organizing a solidary and open academic community (Taja Kramberger was 2 years a president of Collegium artium, a team of academic teachers, teaching assistants and students, in the frames of which more than 100 of cultural events were executed on a voluntary non-paid basis and this vivid dynamic began to connect local people with the univesity), and after the program of historcal anthropology was accredited by the state ministry, in 2010 a sudden and totally illegal purge of critical intellectuals happened at the Faculty of Humanities and she lost her university post. Though she put charges against the university and finally got a small indemnity (around 2 salaries after more than a year of increasing pressures and intrigues in every possible and impossible way one can think of), she - together with her husband Drago Braco Rotar - decided in 2012 to leave the country and continue their struggle and work in Paris.

"Taja Kramberger is a master of balance between intellectual and emotional aspects that collide in her highly singular poetic language, and is considered to be one of the leading voices in political and socially sensitive poetry in Slovenia. Over the years her poetry became simpler in expression, stronger and sharper in political dimension, yet still brilliantly charged with touchy lyrical moments and ocassionally bright (human) humor." (From the jury speech at the occasion of Veronika Prize 2007)

Her poetry is widely translated and she has participated at many international meetings, literary festivals and round tables around the world in the last 15 years. She has been shortlisted for some literary awards, and in 2007 got Veronika Award for the best poetry book of the year 2006 in Slovenia. She was a receiver of some national and international literary fellowships, such as writer in residence of the Edition Thanhaeuser in 2000, one year State Fellowship (Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia) for the "topmost artistic achievements" in Slovenia in 2005. When she, after the illegal university purge that swept up her minimal existential base in Slovenia, applied once more for the same state fellowship for writers, she was "denied as a poet". By the newly formed state Agency for book (replacement for the old Ministry of culture) and its "literary committee" (document dated on 3rd March 2012 and much the same document a year later) she was now (»in the last period«, that is after the purge) labeled as »not any more a topmost literary artist« in Slovenia — as writes the "committee". She used this new "consecration" of her poetic-status inside Slovenia as a promotion tagline on the book cover of her last book in Slovene language In Your Embrace, There's a Place For Me, CSK, Ljubljana, 2014.

In her Slovene period of 42 years she directed a few international meetings of poetry and translation (among them two bigger international projects Linguaggi di-versi in 2002 and Sealines in 2006, financially supported by the EU "Culture 2000" program), and was between 1995-2012 invited to more than 60 international poetry festivals around the world. In June/July 2012 she participated at the World Poetry Parnassus in London, the biggest poetry event ever performed in the UK - organized by the Southbank Centre as a unique cultural manifestation in the Olympic Year.

In 2011, she was the initiator of the KONS-International Literary Award ®. To the project she invited two other women poets (Tatjana Jamnik and Barbara Korun - the later left the award board in 2015). The KONS award, which is registered as a private one, is given to the poets irrespectively of their nationality for their overall literary and personal integrity. On one hand it summarizes poet's lifetime achievements in poetry and literature and on the other hand it aims at poet's overal personal, intellectual and artistic coherence. It also touches upon poet's many sided social engagements for the improvement of social circumstances and general conditions for work and creativity in her/his respective social environments. It is given in the spirit of verses "forgive me [poetry] for helping you understand / that you're not made of words alone." written in 1974 (Poetic Art) by the Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton (1935-1975).

KONS-International Literary Award ® laureats till now were: IZTOK OSOJNIK, Slovenia (2011), CLARIBEL ALEGRIA, Nicaragua / El Salvador (2013)

Taja Kramberger selected, translated and wrote and introductory study to the Claribel Alegria's Slovenian book: VEC KAKOR ZLOSCEN KAMEN / MAS QUE PIEDRA PULIDA (2013). Here's a presentation of the book in Koper in 2013:

Presentation of the book: CLARIBEL ALEGRIA, VEČ KAKOR ZLOŠČEN KAMEN, Koper, Slovenija, 26.7.2013 from Pipi Lang on Vimeo.


Six poems - English // Six poèmes - français // Sei poesie - italiano // Sechs Gedichte - Deutsch // Cinco poemas - español

Chapter from Refugij Tapu / Rifugio Tapu (bilingual book for children - Slovene and Italian): In italiano

Two illustrations by Taja Kramberger from the book Refugij Tapu/Rifugio Tapu (2011):

alt text alt text

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